Winter Art Show Features Work From 11 Campuses

January 31, 2024 - Comal ISD hosted its second art show of the school year featuring more than 110 pieces of art. The original artwork by students represented 11 campuses and included oil pastels, watercolor, mixed media, pencil sketches, sculptures and more.

Artwork by students from kinder through 12th grades was selected by campus art teachers to be displayed at the district’s Winter Art Show. Parents and students were invited for a special presentation of the art pieces on Tuesday, Jan. 24, at the Support Services building. During the show, the artists were given medals as the teachers explained the pieces. The district will host one additional art show this school year in April featuring other campuses.

Fifth-grade artist Sarah Phillips from Kinder Ranch Elementary enjoys trying her hand at creating different pieces and filling her sketch books, proudly displaying a 125-page book that she recently filled with her sketches.

“Art is fun,” says Phillips who is excited to continue learning new techniques, “and it makes me feel creative.”

For Davenport High School senior Zoe Harrison, art has always been a part of her life, since her father is an art teacher, and currently, is her art teacher. Harrison who is enrolled in Advanced Placement art had two of her pieces showcased at the Winter Art Show.

One, titled “Stepping Down,” was a color pencil drawing which took her about 40 hours to complete. She worked on the piece in sections.

Harrison’s second piece on display earned her a third place at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Western Art Contest. This piece, titled “Bucking” was a sculpture and her first welding project.

Every art show includes pieces that make people stop and stare, and this show was no different with one piece catching the eye of everyone. Titled “Portrait of Friend,” the detail in this drawing makes the image appear to be a photograph. The piece was created by Quyen Nguyen, an 11th-grade student at Pieper High School, using graphite, charcoal, white charcoal and white gel pen. Nguyen likes to replicate photos and manipulate them according to how she sees the world.

The campuses along with their art teachers and students whose artwork was selected for the Fall Art Show are listed here.

Comal Creek Elementary, Jasmine Ryan, art teacher; Carla Carter, principal; Paisley Gonzalez, 4th; Avery Gooch, 4th; Navaeh Herrejon, 4th; Ava Keeley, 3th; Jacob Machalek, 2nd; Parker Meier, 4th; Stella Meyer, 3rd; Isabelle Paulino, 4th; Destiny Perez, 5th; and Isabella Roque, 5th.

Garden Ridge Elementary, Rachelle Ortiz, art teacher; Jennifer Schultz, principal; Leona Bates, 1st; Madelyn Cuencar, 3rd; Corrie Irving, 2nd; Brynlee Keller, 5th; Jackson Marino, 4th; Kaylee-Lynn Ross, 4th; Sophia Shea, 3rd; Bailey Stewart, 5th; Sebastian Yancey, 4th and Camden Zimmerhanzel, kinder.

Indian Springs Elementary, Edyta Ellison, art teacher; Mary Stults, principal; Christian Adkins, kinder; Lily Barker, 5th; Amanda Brodkey Castillo, 4th; Dixie Chamberlain, 3rd; Leo Greene, 1st; Brynlee Hampton, 5th; Evelyn Herrera, 3rd; Parker McNeely, 2nd; Oliver Mesquita, 2nd; and Roslynn Rojas, 4th.

Kinder Ranch Elementary, Juanita Gatrelle, art teacher; Laura De La Garza, principal; Joshua Ataee, 5th; Caitlyn Clark, 5th; Noah Cortez, 2nd; Zuheidy Gonzalez, 4th; Paxton Guerra, 4th; Pablo Guerrero Alvarez, 5th; Jana Kottwitz, 2nd; Matthew Pearcy, 5th; Sarah Phillips, 5th; and Hugo Vazquez Arellano, 5th.

Morningside Elementary, Kimberly Kingaman, art teacher; Jennifer Smith, principal; Samuel Art, 3rd; Bryce Bertelson, 5th; Kaylee Brown, 1st; Abigail Burke, 1st; Madison Deras, 5th; Faith Haas, 5th; Allen Perez, kinder; Aliyah Pinilla, 3rd; Eisley Potter, 3rd; Tinsley Viau, kinder.

Specht Elementary, Anna Wood, art teacher; Nicole Freemyer, principal; Sofiia Bashyna, 3rd; Lilliana Berg, 4th; Nico Fernandez, 2nd; Benny Lozano, 5th; William Brown, 4th; Johnny Perez, 5th; Cooper Perez, 2nd; Felix Villafranca, 3rd; Aubrey Whaley, kinder; and Cecily Wood, kinder. 

Timberwood Park Elementary, Jill Corona, art teacher; Kim Lyssy O’Bryant, principal; Victoria Aragon, kinder; Juliet Campbell, 5th; Mia Cromer, 1st; Aubrey De Winne, 5th; Olivia Franco, 4th; Jack Garbrecht, 4th; Sarah Nguyen, 3rd; Makena Shipkey, 3rd; Henry Smith, kinder; and Hudsyn Storm, 5th.

Danville Middle School, Christina Hallum and Sarah George, art teachers; Canaan Dreibrodt, principal; Jasiya Brown, 7th; Grayson Davila, 6th; Logan Deleon, 7th; Stephanie Gonzalez Cabrera, 7th; Addison Keller, 7th; Reese Meyer, 7th; Aubrey Moyle, 6th; Skyla Parry-Vasquez, 7th; Makhyla Perez, 6th; Emily Peters, 7th; Leanyka Priebe, 7th; Joslynn Rull, 7th; Judith Victorin, 7th; Layla Walthers, 6th.

Pieper Ranch Middle School, Sue Anne Benoist, Heidi Myklebust, Natalie Rodriguez-Munoz and Krista Horton, art teachers; Lauran Knight, principal; Isabella Arosi, 7th; Jameson Campbell, 8th; Morgan Carpenter, 6th; EmmaNoel Chicoine, 8th; Morgan Emory, 6th; Ella Frosch, 6th; Carly Gomez, 8th; Nicholas Gonzalez, 8th; Isaac Luera, 6th; Kristopher Montano, 7th; Paige Moore, 8th; Hollie Newsome, 6th; Laila Saenz, 6th; Eleanor Vu, 7th; and Kinley White, 8th.

Davenport High School, Jennifer Walden and Mark Harrison, art teachers; Matt DeLoach, principal; Lilly Fuller, 11th; Annelise Gonzalez, 11th; Valerie Gonzalez, 10th; Zoe Harrison, 12th; Taylor Kiser, 9th; Marsha Partain, 12th; Abigael Rogers, 10th; Isabel Templeman, 10th; and Shelby Tucker, 11th. 

Pieper High School, Megan Ramsey and Jennifer Snellings, art teachers; Jaime Alvarez-Calderon, principal; Ria Bruno, 10th; Gabby Ruseva, 11th; Quyen Nguyen, 11th; Christina Janowiak, 11th; Janette Godinez, 11th; AJ Callahan, 9th; Emma Hyde, 9th; Miah Duron, 11th; Khloe Celaya, 10th; and Vanessa Garcia, 10th.


-Kinder Ranch Elementary fifth-grade student Sarah Phillips showed off more of artwork during Comal ISD’s Winter Art Show. 

-Davenport High School senior Zoe Harrison had two pieces featured at Comal ISD’s Winter Art Show.

-Pieper High School junior Quyen Nguyen showcased her drawing of a friend.

-Student artists from Comal Creek Elementary participated in the school’s first art show.

-Student artists from Garden Ridge Elementary.

-Student artists from Indian Springs Elementary.

-Student artists from Kinder Ranch Elementary.

-Student artists from Morningside Elementary.

-Student artists from Specht Elementary.

-Student artists from Timberwood Park Elementary.

-Student artists from Danville Middle School. 

-Student artists from Pieper Ranch Middle School.

-Student artists from Davenport High School.

-Student artists from Pieper High School.


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