Welcome to Timberwood Park Elementary! We are Timberwood Proud and Timberwood
Our school is rich in traditions. Our goal is creating magical experiences for students. We want them to love coming to school each day. We want them to feel safe and valued. Our aim is to provide academic excellence for our students, while fostering a safe, inviting environment.
Our pride lies in our dedicated teachers, who not only possess a deep understanding of their subjects, but also collaborate to design effective lessons. We are firm believers in acknowledging and rewarding exceptional efforts.  We've set up a special recognition program that inspires our staff to always go the extra mile.
We provide a vast array of extracurricular activities, and it fills us with joy that a whopping 90% of our students seize the opportunity to engage in at least one such activity each year! 
We pride ourselves in communication and keeping parents informed. In addition to the Essential Guide, look for my Sunday Message to parents detailing the events of the week as well as a monthly calendar of events. Teacher newsletters are also key to staying informed.  Whether you are new to the campus, or are returning, the Essential Guide will help you to prepare for the first week of school as well as provide you with helpful information for the
rest of the year. Please keep the Essential Guide as a resource for the year.
We value our current families and look forward to meeting new ones.  As partners in your child’s education, I encourage you to communicate with us often. My door is alway open to hear your concerns and suggestions. Thank you in advance for your support. I look forward to working with you.
-Kim Lyssy O’Bryant - TPES Principal